Giving a Successful Demo

Guidelines on how to prepare and interact when you are giving a demo for a new student
Follow These Steps

Preparing for the Demo

  • Ensure a quiet, well-lit space with a good internet connection for the demo lesson.
  • Make sure your camera, mic and audio is working properly.
  • Check that all necessary teaching tools (such as digital whiteboard, writing tools, etc.) are accessible and functioning properly.
  • Prepare in advance the topic to be taught during the demo, including materials and resources.

Giving the Demo Session

  • Make sure you join 5 minutes early.
  • Open camera to establish face-to-face connection.
  • Begin with a friendly greeting.
  • Introduce yourself as teacher associated with Tuition Highway.
  • Give a brief about your qualifications and relevant teaching experience.
  • Highlight notable achievements of your past students, if applicable.
  • Avoid mentioning names of competitors in your introduction.

Assessing Student's Needs

  • Ask the student about their academic goals and areas they feel they need help with.
  • Discuss previous academic performance and encourage them if they were previously struggling.
  • Show genuine interest in understanding the student’s needs, concerns and learning style.

Teaching a Topic

  • Begin by providing an overview of the topic.
  • Use the digital whiteboard for visual explanations and illustrations.
  • Explain the topic in a clear, concise manner.
  • Encourage the student to ask questions during the explanation.
  • Demonstrate patience and enthusiasm throughout the teaching process.

Interacting with the Student

  • Maintain a positive and encouraging tone during the demo.
  • Use an approachable and professional language.
  • Involve the student in the teaching process, perhaps through interactive quizzes or questions related to the topic.
  • Do not commit anything without discussing first with TH coordinator

Ending the Session

  • Recap the main points of the topic taught.
  • Ask the student for any questions or clarifications.
  • Encourage feedback from the student regarding the demo.
  • Conclude the demo by expressing enthusiasm about potentially working with the student and helping them achieve their academic goals.
  • Thank the student for their time and participation.
  • Handover the session to the Tuition Highway admin present in the session.