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The French Curriculum, or the French National Curriculum, stands out with its highly structured and centralised educational approach. It offers a balanced and broad education, with special emphasis on literature, philosophy, maths, and science.


The French Curriculum is thoughtfully divided into cycles catering to different age groups, with a strong emphasis on mastering the French language. The final diploma, the Baccalaureate, is recognized globally and opens doors to universities worldwide.


The French Curriculum is renowned for its academic rigour, especially in mathematics and philosophy. It encourages analytical thinking and fosters an appreciation for cultural understanding and language skills.

Key Features

The French Curriculum is distinctive for its focus on intellectual development through literature, philosophy, and advanced maths. It offers an excellent foundation for those wishing to achieve fluency in French.

Global Recognition

The French Curriculum is globally recognized and respected due to its high academic standards. Graduates of the French system are often accepted into prestigious universities around the world.

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